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Sweida's - Wholesale Costume & Party Supplies

Sweidas is an online store offering Wholesale Party Supplies & Costumes, Christmas Supplies, Australia Day hats & make-up, Cricket Season supporter gear and everything you need for your New Year events!

Sweida's Wholesale is closed for the Holiday Season

Merry Christmas from Sweida's Wholesale Costumes & Accessories

Australia Day Hats & Costumes
With 2015 just days away are you ready for the New Year Events?!
Australia Day hats & make-up, Chinese New Year costumes, Friday 13th creatures & capes ...
Don't leave it all to the last minute! Be prepared for the 2015 party rush and ORDER NOW!
Australia Day Long Weekend costumes!
This Australia Day Long Weekend is going to be HUGE! BBQ's, Beach Parties, Backyard Cricket ... 
it's dress-up heaven! Go with Banana costumes, Rum Bottle costumes, Hawaiian Leis & grass skirts!
Mehron clearance

Cricket Test Match Aussie Hats

As Cricket Season warms up the dedicated Cricket Fans are dressing up! Are you ready for them?! Crowds of Green & Gold gather in the hundreds ... A sea of Banana Costumes, Sombreros, Pom Poms, Painted Faces ... and MORE!

Sweidas is an online store offering wholesale costumes, costume accessories, wigs, hats and masks in Australia.

© Copyright 2014 Sweidas Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Sweidas are one of the largest importers and wholesaler of costume supplies, costume accessories, wigs, hats and more in Australia.  Stocking an abundance of costumes all year round, great for Halloween and all your other costume needs.